Miss Leigha | Syracuse Child Photographer

October 19, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!!! It’s not finished but I could not resist sharing. I’ve had this blog for way too long to not use it so I made myself sit down and start it. Make sure you update your bookmarks and subscribe to my email feed.

My darling niece from Alaska. Leigha, you are growing way to fast for my liking! Miss you.


Melissa: Allison, how dare you!!! How dare you keep these GORGEOUS photos from me!!! Oh my. Absolutely stunning. Both your work and your niece. Oh, your fall leaves on the east coast make me so jealous! Amazing photos... am I gushing too much? I just LOVE these!!!!

Christina: What an amazing shoot and adorable niece! Love the new blog. I can't wait to see more updates!

chris henning: Gorgeous portraits or your niece, Allison. She is beautiful!! Your dof is awesome and that bokeh! I miss the fall color we used to get in Corning, NY. Just not the same here on the West Coast. Love your new blog, it's pretty.

Jennifer: She's beautiful!! Great pics!!!

Mindy: She is so gorgeous!! I love your color- it is spot on!!